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Apr, 2017: Xen 9pfs and PVCalls protocol specifications accepted in Xen

Jun, 2015: Xen via Libvirt enters Group B in OpenStack

Mar 31, 2015: project Raisin announcement

Nov 11, 2013: SWIOTLB Xen for ARM is merged in Linux: now you can safely do DMA in dom0 without an SMMU

Jul 16, 2013: standing up for respect and politeness on the Linux Kernel mailing list

Jul 09, 2013: Xen 4.3 released: ARM is supported and upsteam QEMU is the default device model

Jun 03, 2013: Xen support for ARM64 is merged in Linux

Mar 6, 2013: Citrix announces that is going to join Linaro, I am going to be the Citrix representative in LEG

Sep 17, 2012: XenD is deprecated, libxenlight is the default toolstack in Xen 4.2

Sep 14, 2012: Xen support for ARM is merged in Linux, becoming Xen ARM maintainer

Nov 29, 2011: Xen on ARM annoucement

Jul 09, 2011: becoming Xen maintainer in QEMU

May 9, 2011: Xen support is merged in QEMU

26 Oct, 2010: Xen Dom0 support is merged in Linux

May 14, 2010: Xen PV on HVM support is merged in Linux

Nov 09, 2009: libxenlight announcement

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