You can download and modify these project under theGPLv3 terms.

RequiredBuilder is a simple tool to help Slackware packages developers writing the slack-required file for the slapt-get's dependency checking. Message-ID search engine for Firefox
Copy marc.xml to your searchplugins directory (under your Firefox profile directory), then restart Firefox and paste Message-IDs in the search bar!

SlackBuilder is a tool to automatically build packages from source repositories.

This is a modified version of the repos script from swaret-tools, useful to create a swaret and slapt-get compatible repository.
This version creates also slapt-get extensions to support slapt-get's dependency checking.

Official tool used by Zenwalk to manage their slapt-get repository. Brought to you by JP.

PRA: Package Required Adder
Pra is a tool that takes the PACKAGES.TXT file that comes with the official Slackware distribution and adds dependencies to it so that you can use the new PACKAGES.TXT file to upgrade your Slackware with slapt-get obtaining dependency support even with official packages!

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